Foot Fetish lovers & Worshipers (561) 247.3702 Goddess Aleya

This good news goes out to all Foot Fetish lovers and Worshipers:
When you Turn On your cellular, does it return the favor?
Chances are the answer to my perplexing question is No. Try turning your cell phone on one more time, (or if it’s already powered on, try reaching for it) only this time, (561) 247.3702
I promise this time it will return the favor because the voice you’ll hear on the other end is the voice of an Elite Dominatrix with an immaculate, beautifully manicured, Sexy pair of feet that are not only succulent to behold and enjoyable to sniff, but also talented and strong enough to tantalize you by torturing your ‘private member’ to satisfaction. My experience and the dexterity of my beautiful feet (among other parts) will tease and test the limits of your pleasure/pain threshold and leave you completely satisfied.
Imagine admiring my model feet in sexy stocking or in the flesh as I trample over you and make you beg me to let you feel closer to the splendor of my god given genetic gifts.
For those of you who enjoy the natural scent of a female’s feet after they’ve worn stockings or been wearing boots or shoes for an extended period of time and developed that certain worn scent, imagine the sensation when you experience the scent of an Elite Goddess’ feet.
I also have a collection of various fetish as well as everyday open-toe heels and boots that adorn and flaunt my feet as you worship at my pedestal.

(561) 247.3702